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BRIEFCASE BLUES® has always been the first-ever FULL-SIZED tribute band to the characters of “’Joliet’ Jake Blues” and “Elwood Blues” as seen on Saturday Night Live. Backed by an eight-piece band (rhythm section and four-piece horn section), BRIEFCASE BLUES consistently delivers a high-energy, knockout show for audiences of all types - true to the original act.
 Wherever the band appears - ANYWHERE - BRIEFCASE BLUES boasts a world-class lineage of first-rate musicians.
 2018 UPDATE: In the past two years has been graced with agreements from original Blues Brothers Band members - Tom "Bones" Malone on trombone and Murphy Dunne on piano (both featured in the 1980 "Blues Brothers" movie) - to perform with the show wherever scheduling allows ... call and inquire!
 A headliner act in its own right, BRIEFCASE BLUES appearances have included billings alongside WAR, The Young Rascals, Kool & The Gang, Joe Walsh, Foghat, Spencer Davis, Jefferson Starship (to name a few), and comedians Dennis Miller, Cheech & Chong, SINBAD and many others.



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