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"Publisher Ubisoft wanted to use the Blues Brothers hit 'Everybody Needs Somebody to Love' in Just Dance 4. But it needed a recording that it owns. Thus began a search of all the tribute bands honoring 'Joliet Jake' and 'Elwood'. Briefcase Blues triumphed over dozens of other bands throughout the US and Europe."

Brian Allen, Technology Tell Magazine

"While one performer Saturday night glued on sideburns and created a nose out of putty and wax, the other got dressed. After adorning black suits and slapping on Ray-bans and fedoras, the pair were transformed into their onstage personas as the Briefcase Blues. Duncan enjoyed an entertaining treat Saturday night … with two men portray(ing) Jake and Elwood Blues of the iconic Blues Brothers, a skit on Saturday Night Live and later brought to the big screen. For over 30 years, Briefcase Blues has traveled from their home in Dallas, Texas, to bring the sound, comedy and soul of the Blues Brothers to audiences. They also perform for United States troops, at home and abroad. While not a recreation of the movie, their performance is more than just music but a true show."

Rebeka Rutledge, The Duncan Banner (Duncan, OK)

"The Texas State Fair audience went wild as the two 'brothers' walked onto the stage, launching into a punchy rendition of 'Hey Bartender'. By the time the group was going into a languidly fluid version of the slow blues tune 'Shotgun Blues', the crowd was literally hanging onto the edge of the stage."

Dean Golden, SPOTLIGHT Entertainment Magazine

"In search of new audiences, Briefcase Blues may be onto a formula to keep the music of the Blues Brothers alive and kicking ... these guys take the stage by force and make it their own, in true Belushi and Aykroyd style."

Mark Beneventi, Editor-In-Chief, LIT Music Magazine

"You probably don't recognize the name ... Briefcase Blues claim(s) to be the longest-running Blues Brothers tribute act in the world. After hours of research in the Internet, I concluded that unless there is an older group performing together in Tanzania or Sri Lanka or some such distant land, Briefcase Blues probably indeed has been around the longest."










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