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Elwood Blues

Morgan Bodie (a.k.a. “Mobo”) grew up in the post-Chicago Blues musical hotbed of Baltimore, Maryland. When Mobo was a teenager his father permanently installed a beer keg in an old refrigerator in the basement of the Bodie home. Mobo and his delinquent buddies started draining that keg as soon as it was installed so Mobo’s dad never realized how long a keg of beer would have normally lasted. It was in that basement that Mobo witnessed the live debut of the Blues Brothers on “Saturday Night Live”. His Baltimore basement soon became a Blues after-hours joint with Mobo doing his best to learn how to play the oddest-but-coolest instrument ever designed ... the harmonica.

Mobo miraculously received a degree in architecture from the University of Maryland in 1984, but after reading the autobiography of G. Gordon Liddy (and numerous Mickey Spillane novels), he decided to become an FBI Agent. After months of Mobo’s butt bein’ whooped in Quantico, Virginia, the FBI sent him to Texas where Mobo was a “G-Man” until 2014 when he retired and returned to his old loves: playing harmonica, riding Harleys, and drinking 130-proof cask strength whiskey.

In 2016 Lee Schwing, who had been Elwood in Briefcase Blues for over three decades, decided to call it quits. Destiny, in the form of an e-mail from J. Leggio, knocked on Mobo’s proverbial basement door. Leggio said “I need a new Elwood. Can you play some rockin’ harmonica and dance around like a crazed meth-head? You’ll have to shave your beard down to sideburns and a soul patch, and get eight inches of your hair cut off.” Mobo was confident that he could pull off the Elwood thing, but getting a haircut would be a HUGE sacrifice. After some deep introspection regarding the haircut Mobo told Leggio, “Bro, sign me up and we’ll see if I can become a worthy Soul Man”.

He did ... and the rest is rapidly becoming history.


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